“Hong Kong Film Awards” Voter Registration Qualifications

  1. 曾參與香港電影工作的電影從業員(名字出現於片頭或片尾字幕之內),職位包括:出品人、製片人、行政監製、監製、執行監製、統籌、策劃、導演、執行導演、第一副導演、製片、執行製片、編劇、演員、配音員、攝影、助理攝影、剪接、助理剪接、美術指導、助理美術指導、服裝造型設計、助理服裝造型設計、動作指導、副動作指導、燈光、收音、大會認可視覺特效及後期製作職位,以及曾為電影配樂、作曲及填詞的音樂工作者。

  2. i. 為下列電影協會會員,須曾參與香港電影工作(名字出現於片頭或片尾字幕之內,符合 上述(一)所列出之職位): 香港電影導演會、香港電影編劇家協會、香港動作特技演員公會、香港專業電影攝影師學會、香港演藝人協會、香港電影剪輯協會、香港電影美術學會、香港電影製作行政人員協會、香港電影燈光協會及香港電影後期專業人員協會。


  3. 為香港現職影評人,並於申請時的過去一年其評論曾在香港公開發表。

  4. 由金像奬邀請的電影文化或教育工作者、藝人管理公司管理層、電影協會的行政人員。

  5. 現時從事電影發行或宣傳工作達三年或以上。

  • 所有選民的申請,須由香港電影金像奬協會轄下的評選事務組審核及通過,方可正式成為選民,參與金像奬評選事宜。

  • 所有選民登記表格須於該年度的11月30日或之前遞交,逾期申請,恕不受理。

  • 成功登記之選民將於下一年度1月15日之前收到確認通知。

  • 選民若觸犯任何刑事罪行(駕駛及定額罰款有關之刑事罪行除外)、作出影響香港電影業的行為,或當其資格被受懷疑,金像奬有權取消其選民及投票資格。

  • 如遇任何特殊情況,會由香港電影金像獎協會董事局酌情處理及作最終決定。

  • 英譯內容僅供參考,中英文內容文意不符者,以中文為準。

    HKFA voters must be Hong Kong residents at or over the age of 18, holding Hong Kong Permanent Identity Cards, and fulfill one of the following Criteria:
    1. Hong Kong film workers whose names have been listed in a Hong Kong Film roller credits under the following position(s): Film Producer, Executive Producer, Production coordinator, Line Producer, Administrative Producer, Director, Deputy Director, First Assistant Director, Production Manager, Assistant Production Manager, Scriptwriter, Actor/Actress, Dubbing Artist, Cinematographer, Assistant Cinematographer, Gaffer, Film Editor, Assistant Film Editor, Art Director, Assistant Art Director, Costume Designer, Assistant Costume Designer, Action Choreographer, Assistant Action Choreographer, Gaffer, Sound-man, HKFA recognized Visual Effects and Post-Production position(s), Film Score Composer and Lyricist / Composer for film songs.

    2. i. Current members of the following associations who have participated in Hong Kong film productions (his/her name is listed in the roller credits under the position(s) stated in Criteria 1 above): Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild, Hong Kong Screenwriters' Guild, Hong Kong Stuntman Association, Society of Cinematographers (HK), Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, Society of Film Editors (HK), Hong Kong Film Arts Association, Hong Kong Movie Production Executive Association, Hong Kong Cinematography Lighting Association and Association of Motion Picture Post Production Professionals.

      ii. Affiliated members referred by Society of Cinematographers (HK), Assistant Director referred by Hong Kong Film Assistant Directors’ Association and Property Master referred by Film Propsmen's Guild of Hong Kong.

    3. Current Film Critics at the time of application and whose critiques have been published to the public in Hong Kong within the past 12-month.

    4. Person invited by Hong Kong Film Awards Association whose profession is related to Film Culture / Education or be the executive of Artiste Management or Film Association.

    5. Person who is currently working for Film Distribution or Promotion with at least 3 years related experience.
  • Voter is authorized to vote in the first round voting of the Hong Kong Film Awards only if his/her application has been approved by the Voting Affairs Panel of the Hong Kong Film Awards Association.

  • Registration form should be submitted on or before 30th November. Any late application will not be considered.

  • Successful applicant will be notified before 15th January on the following year.

  • The Voting Affairs Panel has the right to cancel the qualification rights of any voter of dubious status; or whose behavior has had an adverse effect on the reputation of the film industry; or who has criminal record (with the exception of traffic offenses or other fines).

  • In case of any special conditions, the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Film Awards Association shall take into consideration the circumstances and reserves the right for final decision.

  • The English translated version is intended for reference only. If there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall govern.