榮膺著名瑞士腕錶及珠寶品牌—伯爵全力支持 連續第5年成為「主題贊助」
Presenting its utmost supports to Hong Kong Film Awards PIAGET, The renowned Swiss luxury watchmaker and jeweller, becomes the Major Sponsor in the 5th consecutive years

香港電影金像獎於電影業界一直備受認同,成為行內一年一度的矚目盛事,這項盛事得以成功舉行,全賴一眾業內人士及各贊助商的鼎力支持。 香港電影金像獎將踏入第34屆,今天,香港電影金像獎協會十分榮幸,宣佈本年度再次獲得瑞士腕錶及珠寶品牌—伯爵成為協會本年度的「主題贊助」。伯爵已經連續5年為頒獎典禮作「主題贊助」,獲得伯爵的全力支持及推動下,定使今屆香港電影金像獎錦上添花,活動更盛況空前。

Hong Kong Film Awards is the largest annual event of its kind, depending on the industry professionals’ and sponsors’ generous support in the past years. The events have been completed successfully and fruitfully. Today, the Hong Kong Film Awards Association is delighted to announce, PIAGET, the renowned Swiss watchmaker and jeweler to be the Major Sponsor of the association this year. With Piaget at the 5th consecutive year, the ceremony will definitely be dazzlingly accentuated.